Ultimate Xposure Aerial Photography

Change your view……and you change your perspective.


It’s important that your real estate photographs stand out from the crowd!

We will utilize a remote controlled UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) aka drones, which allows our cameras to shoot down on the home, offering a far better view of the landscaping, yard, surrounding areas, and home structure.  It also tends to be eye catching as it is a view most of us are not used to seeing on a regular basis.

For real estate agents, we will be able to make your listings stand out in a busy, monotonous marketplace, generating more interest from prospective buyers.  Since we will be one of the few companies offering this type of service in the area, it will be a great way to further stand out from the competition.

Many homes have the frontage obstructed by trees.  It’s also perfect for capturing those great views visible behind the house… from the front of the house!


You’ve probably noticed by now that we are speaking in a “future-tense”.  ULTIMATE XPOSURE is awaiting official documentation confirming our compliance with the 333 exemption for commercial UAV/Drone use.

So, here’s the skinny on what’s happening with the FAA and being compliant:

  • You MUST be a licensed pilot

  • You MUST have a 333 Exemption Number issued by the FAA

  • We strongly urge being insured for any mishaps that could occur

If you are not compliant with the FAA:
The FAA (Federal Aviation Administartion) considers it illegal to fly drones for commercial purposes, including real estate photography.  Real estate agents could face a $10,000 fine from the FAA.  There goes your commission and then some.  Ouch! The topic can quickly change to one of concern when lawsuits come about for damage, injury, noise complaints, or invasion of privacy.  That could get ugly!

We have made the decision to be legal – Aerial Coming Soon!!!!